Smoke Carefree With Science

“Smoking kills, smoking is injurious to health, smoking causes cancer”, we are well aware of these quotes, and sincerely many of us omitted smoking from our life. But why to sacrifice when there is as alternate solution in front of us! What if instead of using cigarette, we use e-cig?Yes, this is not a hypothetical object just a modified version with a taste of technology within it.

What is e-cigarette?

Well this word doesn’t mean a cigarette with attached chip or something your technical mind will take you. It’s just a simple technology with perfumed liquids and vapors which gives more healthier and cheaper experience of smoking which we sacrifice due to our health reasons. So, now it is the time to uplift the curtain and put full stop to your curiosity friends.


Pals, a shop from Ireland popularly called as“S & Heaven” is that magician behind the curtain equipped with best e-cigarette and best e-liquid online. And this is the cue for as us as this site is the end for our sacrifice.

Magnetism of S & Heaven

This site as stated above is an online shop with exclusive offers with free shipping for cost above 40 Euros, cash on delivery, improvised mode of payment and way more products like batteries, chargers. Well we know well that smoking is fun, but is it necessary to risk your health?  Can’t we Just go for these best e-cigarette available.

Aura is yet not over; controls your heartbeat before knowing this that this shop has bookmarks too, and contact details to enquire about any product before purchase.


Party is still on, because this site has range of best e-liquid, one can ever find in any online shop with vibrant flavors one can ever imagine of. So, active your taste buds for this wonderful ride and begin your taste hunt, which was suppressed due those risky quotes.


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